Walker Environmental Research, LLC

Environmental Data Science and Engineering

Walker Environmental Research, LLC combines modern data science tools and techniques with traditional engineering methods to help people better understand and manage environmental and water resources systems.

We specialize in hydrologic and water quality data collection, management, analysis, modeling, and visualization.

Highlighted Projects

Report: Spatial and Temporal Nutrient Loading Dynamics in the Sprague River Basin, OR

Analysis of streamflow and nutrient dynamics in the Sprague River Basin, Oregon, USA over a 13-year period (WY2002 – 2014).

SHEDS: Interactive Catchment Explorer

A web-based interactive GIS application for exploring environmental model output and geospatial datasets at multiple spatial scales.

Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision System (SHEDS)

Web-based geospatial database and modeling system for stream temperature and fish habitat to support better resource management.

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