Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

  • Hydrology & Water Quality
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Simulation Modeling
  • GIS Analysis

Visualization & Web Development

  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Dynamic Modeling Tools
  • Database Interfaces
  • Website and API Development

Data Management & Programming

  • Reproducible Data Workflows
  • Database Development
  • R Programming
  • Software Development
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Report: Spatial and Temporal Nutrient Loading Dynamics in the Sprague River Basin, OR

Analysis of streamflow and nutrient dynamics in the Sprague River Basin, Oregon, USA over a 13-year period (WY2002 – 2014).

SHEDS: Interactive Catchment Explorer

A web-based interactive GIS application for exploring environmental model output and geospatial datasets at multiple spatial scales.

Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision System (SHEDS)

Web-based geospatial database and modeling system for stream temperature and fish habitat to support better resource management.

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