SHEDS: Interactive Catchment Explorer

May 6, 2015

Post-doctoral Research at UMass Amherst, Dept of Environmental Conservation and Student Contractor for USGS, Conte Anadromous Fish Lab

Summary: The Interactive Catchment Explorer (ICE) is a dynamic visualization for exploring catchment characteristics and environmental model predictions. ICE is intended for resource managers and researchers to identify spatial patterns related to ecological conditions, identify priority locations for restoration or further study, and explore complex, multivariate environmental datasets and model results.

ICE was designed using a number of core interactive visualization principles and provides the following functionalities:

  • Overview: Spatially aggregate variables to multiple HUC resolutions to see regional patterns
  • Filter: Filter catchments based on multiple criteria using interactive histograms. These filters dynamically update both the spatial aggregation and histograms of other variables.
  • Zoom: Show individual catchments within a selected HUC (HUC8 and HUC10 levels only)
  • Compare: Select a HUC or catchment to compare its values to the rest of the population

ICE was built using the d3.js and crossfilter.js JavaScript libraries.